Why You Should Care About Referrals / Testimonials / Reviews.

Every business should pose some form of a referral, testimonial, and review service that allows customers to let the public better understand your company’s work.  This not only benefits your company, but it can attract business and growth from future customers.

In the growing world of Yelp and Google reviews, it can be simple for businesses to overlook the importance of online reviews.  What customers and future prospects want is this:  to see referrals and reviews from fellow customers that they feel are honest and upfront.  What can referrals, testimonials, and reviews do for your business?

  1. Can Bring in Business
  • What does one do when researching a company for something they need completed? They research the company and take the reviews, referrals, and testimonials into play.  A company with referrals is much more likely to gain the business over a company with no referrals.


  1. There is Zero Cost
  • Referrals, testimonials, and reviews all have one positive aspect in common: they cost you and your company nothing, yet can bring in revenue. By requesting these from positive customers, your chances of growth post-sale are high.


  1. Referrals Attract Referrals
  • In today’s world, the chances of individuals trusting a sales call are slim-to-none. With the growth and expansion of online reviews and referrals, the “sales calls” are essentially done for you—by individuals that future customers are likely to trust.


According to American Express, 48 percent of Internet users tell other people ‘all the time’ about a good customer service experience with a company. Give your customers a reason to refer you by supplying them with positive results on the customer’s investment, solid customer service, and a solid foundation of efficiency.