Reasons to Invest in a Digital Marketing Campaign



According to the Pew Research Center, 73% of Americans go online on a daily basis, and 21% of them report going online “almost constantly.” That’s a lot of potential customers to be reached! There are many reasons to invest in a digital marketing campaign but here are just a few from our perspective lexapro cost.


  • It’s where the customers are!
    • As seen in the statistic above, almost three quarters of Americans are online on a daily basis.
    • Most consumers conduct online research before making a purchase.
    • Digital advertising reaches consumers on their mobile and desktop devices.


  • Campaigns target the right consumers.
    • Allows you to target consumers searching for your industry.
    • Enables you to retarget consumers who have visited your website before.
    • Broadcast and print advertising dollars often get wasted on consumers who are not even in the market for a particular product.


  • Your competitors are doing it.
    • Keeps your company ahead of the curve and remaining competitive.
    • The more time and money you invest in digital marketing, the higher you will rank in Google searches.
    • If you are not present in your target consumers’ search, they might discover your competitor over your business!
    • Builds your brand’s reputation.


  • It generates useful data.
    • You can track conversions and see how successful your ads are.
      • You cannot do this with traditional broadcast and print advertising.
    • You can learn more about the demographics interested in your products.
    • Tells you which of your online efforts is generating the most traffic.
    • This information helps you improve your overall marketing strategy.