Key Takeaways from my Spring Internship at Beson4.

As my time as Beson4’s spring intern comes to a close, I reflect back on the time I spent here and the people I have had the pleasure of meeting.  I remember my first day at Beson4, back in January.  I was nervous and anxious about my first encounters with a marketing agency.  I always believed agencies to be competitive and cut-throat—however, after my time at Beson4, I can say with confidence that my perspective has changed completely.

When I started at Beson4, I didn’t quite know what to expect. I assumed I would complete my 210 hours, write a few blogs, and maybe run their social media accounts.  The experiences I have had while I was here have completely surpassed any expectations I had prior to the start of my internship. I have learned and seen a lot while being here for my short stay.  I have seen behind-the-scenes of campaigns, meetings, and client interaction.  I’ve have experienced nothing short of joy coming into Beson4 and instantly being surrounded by positive-thinking individuals that want to see their agency, their coworkers, their work, and their intern succeed in all they do.

I had the pleasure of experiencing an entire marketing campaign while I was here for a new client of Beson4’s.  The company didn’t have any branding or tonality—it was a complete fresh start.  I saw the beginning-to-end of the client’s rebrand, from logo, to tonality, to website.  I took a lot away from this experience, and I am so happy I had the opportunity to be involved in every aspect of the client’s campaign.  I sat in, and contributed, to the first meeting, had the opportunity to provide feedback for the logo decision, and did further research into ideas for the tonality board for the client’s brand.   This gave me full insight into how campaigns work—and being welcomed to contribute my own opinion truly made me feel a part of the team. I found this to be beneficial to my intern experience.  I wanted to intern for a company that would allow creativity and insight into how campaigns work—after all, that is what I hope to pursue following graduation.  Beson4 supplied this creative knowledge to me as their intern, which I found to be vastly important and beneficial.

Universities can only prepare you so much for the real world of public relations and marketing.  My experience at the University of North Florida has been that of a rewarding and positive one; however, prior to my experiences at Beson4, I felt unprepared and frightened of the real-world and my future.  Beson4 has given me incredible experiences and opportunism—I’ve learned a lot.  I can say now that I can go confidently in the direction of my dreams, and I have all that to owe to Beson4.

Thank you to all the hard-working individuals at Beson4 for my time here.  I thank you all for incorporating me into all aspects of your great agency and supplying me with opportunities to grow within the marketing world.  And to Beson4’s future interns I leave you with this: come into your internship looking at it not as a part-time position that will end in a few months, but look at it as a spring board into your future career.  The connections you will make at Beson4 will allow you to propel into the marketing world.  Give your internship your all, absorb all that you can, and try your best to supply Beson4 with new ideas and creative thinking. Because they will do the same for you.