How to Brand yourself and your company

By: AJ Beson, CEO of Beson4

Branding Strategy


21 percent of consumers say they purchased a new product because it was from a brand they like. People often stress the importance of your business, and you, as a person, having a valuable brand. Branding improves recognition, creates trusts, builds financial value, and generates new customers. Companies often know that they need to improve their brand, but they do not know how. Branding is more than creating a logo, although visuals are important. Even when the economy is bad, 60 percent of people are willing to pay more for a better experience, which goes back to a company’s branding. These four tips will help you to build your company’s and/or your personal brand.

  1. Verbally & Visually: Think about how you will verbally and visually show your brand. The colors, fonts and words are all important aspects of how your brand is perceived. Certain colors make people react differently like blue is calming and red makes you hungry. Before choosing colors and fonts, take the time to decide what you want your people to interpret your brand as.


  1. Stay Authentic: Customers claim that they will be more likely to purchase from a company that is authentic if that company’s competitor is not. The best ways to stay authentic are to listen to your customers, be honest, and personalize your outreach. Staying authentic is easy if you always put your consumers first.


  1. Be Consistent: The best start to being consistent in your brand is to get a great logo and place it on absolutely everything that comes out of your organization. Develop a tagline and brand messaging and incorporate them into all available platforms. When you think about valuable brands, like Starbucks and Apple, their logo is on everything. When you visit valuable brands’ stores, websites, and buy their products, you can clearly see the brand.


  1. Define Your Brand: The most important part of branding is to know what your brand is. Make sure the company’s mission, product or services, and qualities you want associated with your company are incorporated. As simple as it might seem, some people have no idea what their brand is. If you are one of those people who have not discovered the correct brand yet, sit down with your team and decide what your mission, goals and values are.