Four Tips to have the Best Website

Website Building and Management

By: AJ Beson, CEO of Beson4

Websites are a make or break aspect for a company. Some of the benefits of an affective website are that they are cost effective, accessible around the clock, convenient, create sales, and increase credibility. 55 percent of visitors spend less than 15 seconds on a website, so making a quick impression is important. How the website was built and it’s managed has an impact on whether people will stay on your site. If your business has the money, you should consider spending part of your budget on advertising your website, like Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. But before you rush off to spend money on PPC Advertising make sure you have built and are managing your website correctly to make it worth the funds. These four tips will ensure that you have the best website possible.



  1. Appealing and concise: 93 percent of consumers go to a company’s website before they call the business. Making sure that the website is appealing and concise is important to increase revenue. An appealing website gives your business the reputability it needs to be successful. Some ways to make a website appealing is to choose the correct theme, colors, and write information in a user-friendly way, like bulleted lists.
  2. Mobile Friendly: 56 percent of traffic to top sites in the United States is on a mobile device, so having a mobile-friendly site is vital. If you have not already checked to see what your company’s site looks like on your phone and tablet, make sure you do today. If it does not look as appealing on mobile as it does on your desktop, it should be fixed.
  3. Easy-to-find information: Consumers do not want to spend their entire day looking for a company’s contact information. The phone number or best way to contact the business should be clearly found on the homepage of the website. The rule of thumb to usual abide by is placing this information in the top right corner of the site. Larger national business’ often do not have their phone numbers easily to find because they lose their aspect of customer service. If you want customers to call you, make sure they can find the number to do so.
  4. Represents your brand: If you have not already taken five minutes out of your day to make sure that your website represents what your brand stands for, from the colors, values and products, you should do this today as well. The goal should be that when a customer visits your website they can adequately understand the brand and what the organization does and/or stands for.