Four Social Media Tips that will make you a Social Mastermind

Cloud computing and social network interface on a laptop, tablet and smartphone screen

By: AJ Beson, CEO of Beson4

Social media can have a huge impact on the amount of business your company creates. 38 percent of people recommend a brand they like or follow on social media. Many companies struggle with using social media effectively because they think of social media as free. Social media is free in the sense that there is no cost for posting but what people forget is in order to be successful on social media it takes time. Time is what costs your company money. Finding someone who is qualified or has the time to become qualified is important to gain a loyal following.

With over 18 years of experience in advertising and publishing, I have created a list of my top 5 social media tips. These tips have helped my companies and client’s companies gain exposure and future clients throughout the years. Before you start reading the tips though, make sure you have a strategy. I also tell my clients there is no reason to advertise without a strategy. Decide what you want from social media, whether that is to increase the reputation, brand the business or general awareness.

1. Be creative- Do not simply sell your product, instead come up with innovative ways to share the story. People do not want to spend their time reading why they should buy your product. Some ideas include testimonials from clients and opinions from employees. When creating social media, it is good to be approachable. Never be afraid to post something “fun,” like pictures from a team outing, it gives you needed approachability and builds a sense of comfort for current and potential clients.

2. Think about the time- The most successful times to post tend to be before people go to work, after they get off work, and during their lunch break. The time that you post is important if you want people to see the post. You can track the effectiveness of different times using programs, like HootSuite, Sprout Social and Facebook’s built-in analytical software. Also speaking of time, most people do not have the time to write a social media post every day, because they have a company to run. HootSuite, Sprout Social and Facebook Scheduler allow you to schedule months ahead of time. You could for example, every Monday take time to write the posts for the week and schedule them out. Once they are scheduled you do not have to worry about social media for that week. Do not forget to reply to people’s comments though, people do not want information only pushed out at them they want an interactive experience.

3. Find insider information- Take the time to come up with original content about your company or employees. People do not simply want you to share articles every day. There will be days when that is all you have time to do is share articles but strive for that to not happen every day. Some ideas of what to post, instead of articles, are an interesting fact about an employee or a tip relating to your product or service.

4. Create Campaigns- Write a themed post that you will post every week. Creating consistency helps to attract people back to the page weekly. Some examples include, if you are an IT company, have a weekly favorite app or send out a staff survey and find out what your employees favorite part about working at the business is.