Beson4: Home Away From Home—Our Company Culture

“Being a great place to work is the difference between being a good company and a great company.” – Brian Kristofek

A job shouldn’t just be about the benefits or paycheck.  Seeing as most workers spend significant hours at their jobs, sometimes more hours at work than they spend at home, they should aspire to find a career within a company that has an outstanding and enjoyable company culture.  We believe what sets us a step above at Beson4 would be the culture.  So what exactly is a “company culture?”  Wikipedia defines this as “behaviors of humans within an organization and the meaning that people attach to those behaviors.”  More specifically, it’s the feel around the office, how the employees vibe off of one another—the knit-and-grit into how the office works.

Having great company culture is something Beson4 thrives off of.  Our cohesive team of hard-working individuals that have the same set goal and vision isn’t only vital to our clients success, but vital to the team’s success as well.  The management within Beson4 is supportive and helpful; by having an open-door policy throughout the office, it allows our employees to ask questions and address topics without the added pressure.  We value the importance of honesty throughout the office, and believe that by being honest with one another we create an atmosphere of success.  We believe our days should be filled with a fair balance between fun and hard work—coming to Beson4 (or any job for that matter!) every day shouldn’t be a chore.

You truly can’t beat having team members that are fun to be around and great at what they do—we flourish off of this.  Our “happy family” atmosphere is reflected in our client work, and without our company culture and good values we wouldn’t be the Beson4 that we know and appreciate.