B4 Score

Our digital marketing experts will run a full audit of your company's digital assets using the industry's leading analytics tools and provide you a scoresheet of how your brand performs within 5 key categories.

With every B4Score you will also receive helpful insights for improving your score and overall digital presence.

Core Categories:


It's easy for websites to look dated, but what matters even more is does it still drive business? Our assessment will determine both.


Search Engine Optimization allows your content to be found by your prospective audience. See where your search ranks stand today, and where you can improve.

Social Media

Social media works when done right. See if your brand is a social butterfly compared to your competitors.


Your brand is only as strong as the people that know about it. We'll help you understand how much your brand is being heard and talked about.

Digital Media

Video among other forms of audio or visual media are imperative to standing out in today's markets. We'll give you an easy to understand score for how well your brand is being represented with these forms of engaging media.

What to Expect:

Within 24 hours we’ll review your digital assets and provide an easy to understand report showing your scores If you have any questions about the information on the report, we can help review your scores in more detail. If you are unsatisfied with any of your scores and would like help, we can schedule a consultation to discuss the areas you’d like to improve and how we can help get you there.

The B4 Score is So New We Asked These Stock Photo People for Testimonials

Chad Pennysworth

Before the B4 Score, I was merely a successful model flying around the world on a private jet. Now I'm a successful male model with 2 private jets.

Juliette Bright

The B4 Score showed that my Friendster account was not getting my business the social influence it needed. I followed Beson's suggestions and now my crocheted cat sweater Etsy page is getting 4,000 more visitors a month.

Jane Doe

I don't really care for Kanye West's music and the B4 Score hasn't changed my opinion about that. But gosh darnit, I now know my website could use some better architecture for pages to show up higher on search results.