An Undergraduate Marketing Internship at Beson4.

“The future depends on what we do in the present.” – Mahatma Gandhi

When searching for my internship, I was looking for an agency that maintained a high level of professionalism while incorporating a sense of community and teamwork. I can say, indisputably, that I have found that in Beson4. For the next 14 weeks, I will be training with several different members of the Beson4 team—from the creative team, to the account coordinators, I will be able to fully understand and appreciate every aspect of a marketing agency.

Within my first three-weeks at Beson4, I have had opportunities to sit in on team meetings, shadow members of the team on creative sessions, write blogs, create posts for social media, and meet with my supervisor, all of which are preparing me for the real world of marketing; I truly feel a part of their team. The office itself thrives off an open-door policy with a family-oriented feel; all members of the team work hand-in-hand to guarantee the success of their clients.  I’ve been encouraged to ask the team questions along the way, and have been given a clear definition of what is expected of me throughout the duration of the program.

Over the past year, Beson4 decided to shift its focus to the agency side of the business instead of the publishing side.  Along with this, Beson4 wants to transform their internship program to incorporate the intern in every aspect of their agency—not just busy desk-work or answering calls.  This is the internship students should aspire and desire to have; real-world experience is vital to success post-college, and Beson4’s goal is to prepare you for that.