Alelie Hall

You may think her petite stature and peculiar name would be a disadvantage, but Alelie (Al-luh-lee) actually turns them into an asset. There’s no forgetting her face in a crowd (if you can find her) or her name in an email. And don’t let her reserved personality fool you – she strives to create memorable moments for the client and her coworkers. As a San Diego native and San Diego State University alumnus, she adapted easily to the laid-back, yet fast-paced lifestyle in Florida. Her proven history of exceptional and speedy clientele service paved the way to her role as a Project Manager. As a weekend warrior, Alelie can be found at the gun range with her husband or relaxing at home with Diesel, her beloved Siberian husky.

Position : Project Manager
email :

13500 Sutton Park Drive South, Suite 105 Jacksonville, FL 32224