New Year. New Marketing Strategy.

“Good marketers see consumers as complete human beings with all the dimensions real people have.” –Jonah Sachs

                In 2016, the use of social media marketing skyrocketed and experienced extensive growth in both personal and business aspects.   We saw live video take off, the creation of Snapchat stories, and advertising options (such as slideshow ads on Facebook) expand. With this growth comes the importance of business capitalizing on the latest trends—2016 was a year of social media marketing and growth.

               As we transition to 2017, many predictions can be made within the realm of marketing.  It is vastly important to stay with these digital times, and create a new marketing strategy for your business’s needs.  So what should you focus on for your brand for 2017?   Incorporate the growth of video, assimilate influencer marketing, and utilize location-based marketing to target those customers you desire most.

  1. Growth of Video
  • Livestreaming: Livestreaming is video recorded live on mobile phones, tablets, or professional cameras and then streamed real time onto the internet.  It allows the user on the opposite end to post comments and allows you to interact with your audience.  Live video isn’t only effective—it allows direct interaction with your audience.  Take them with you at an event, show them the latest happenings at your business, or give them a behind-the-scenes look.
  • According to a report published by Forrester, video in e-mail leads to a 200-300% click-through rate, including a video on a landing page can increase traffic by 80% and 65% of executives visit a marketer’s website after viewing a video.
  1. Influencer Marketing
  • <a href="https://searchenginewatch you could look”>Search Engine Watch predicts the rise of micro-influencers who are “creating the type of content that grabs a consumer’s attention–and they’re able to much more authentically connect with their followers.”  Rather than directly marketing to the masses, “influencers” are hired (or sometimes inspired) to get the word out for you. It focuses on key leaders to get your message out to the larger market.
  1. Location-Based Marketing
  • Thanks to mobile technology, marketers can gain a look into consumers by seeing the locations they’re visiting in real time. It’s one of the easiest ways to target consumers, by using mobile-location data.  According to a new study of brand marketers, 75% believe location based marketing is an important element to their business strategy.


A Look Back.

“Same mind with same old ideas enters the same old year; only the new mind with new ideas enters the New Year!”

Commitments to New Year resolutions typically fall short within the first month of the New Year—Beson4 has every intention of reaching and surpassing our goals for 2017. Our New Year’s resolution here at Beson4 is complete and utter dedication to our clients’ success, a focus we have always put major emphasis and importance on. Along with this, we believe the major goal of utilizing new transformative tactics in all aspects of a client’s campaign will prove to be beneficial to not only our own success, but more importantly our client’s great successes in 2017.

With the start of 2017, we here at Beson4 take a look back on the happenings of 2016—garnered an increase of traffic for Ashley HomeStore along the country’s east coast through digital marketing, created meaningful testimonial videos for Affiliated Veterinary Specialists, Borland-Groover Clinic, Dostie Homes and more, as well as created new websites for Meridian Integration, SeaGlass Primary Medical Care and BHK Capital. We have successfully created print, video, and digital campaigns for our clients—our goal was to smoothly transition their brands into a more effective 2017.  We had a great year!

Beson4’s growth and expansion seen throughout the past year has given us the ability to propel into success this year too.  Over the past year, Beson4 decided to shift its focus to the agency side of the business.  This has been an exciting transition that has proven to be successful.  With a new brand and new creative energy, we have already seen great success for each of our wonderful clients in 2016 as strictly an agency, and will boost this energy to jump-start the New Year.  On the immediate radar for Beson4 for 2017, we have already began establishing new relationships and deepening our partnerships across our 15+ clients, plan on attending more events in our community, and having more fun as a team.

New years are often viewed as a fresh start—a clean slate. Here at Beson4, we see opportunity in a transition from 2016 to 2017.  Now more than ever we feel the drive to guarantee a successful 2017—not only for Beson4, but more importantly our clients. What can you look forward to seeing this year from Beson4? Strategic branding, visually alluring print and video work, transformative digital campaigns and so much more.  Beson4 has the bandwidth to handle any work that comes our way, with both efficiency and effectiveness. We can’t wait to begin the process for clients to come.

2016 was a good year for Beson4 and 2017 looks to be a great year ahead!