Being a Part of Beson4 From Our Intern’s Perspective

Being a Part of Beson4 From Our Intern’s Perspective

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By: Kasey Bubb


Being an intern entails more than just answering phones and coffee runs after all! Many students go into their internships nervous that they will be doing mediocre tasks all day, what some disappointingly refer to as “free work.” So I wanted to choose wisely where I decided to intern…

I heard only amazing things about Beson4 from my friend who was the previous summer intern. He referred me for the role, and after my first step in the office, I was impressed! The office has a fun and hip style conducive to creativity. Mike, the Senior Project Manager, interviewed me and showed excitement and passion for the company. I accepted the social media intern position without second thought!

My responsibilities include social media management and developing blog posts. I also assist the employees with research when needed. Lucky for me, the Beson4 team welcomes me into their team meetings and many of the projects they are working on! It’s fascinating to be a part of brainstorming meetings in an Advertising Agency. I remember comparing my first meeting to meetings from the Netflix hit series ‘Mad Men,’ which was previously my only idea of what an Ad Agency was like from the inside.

Much like Mad Men, the Beson4 team updates each other on what they are currently working on and everyone shares their ideas and opinions. AJ, the company’s CEO, leads the discussion and often jokes around with the crew. They all show a unique passion for their work and it’s exciting to see such dedicated individuals bring fresh and new ideas to the table.

It’s not only the work I’m doing here that’s giving me real world experience, but more importantly, that I’m immersed in an environment where creativity is key, innovation is necessary, and all ideas are welcome! I thank Beson4 for letting me be a part of that.


New Arrival at Beson4: Get to Know Kelli Loberger

New Arrival at Beson4: Get to Know Kelli Loberger

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Kelli Loberger, Account Coordinator


Let’s get the party started. What are some fun facts about you?

  • My initials spell out KEL, which not only is a part of my name but is also what all of my close friends and family call me.
  • I like to think I’m the female version of Jimmy Buffett.
  • I’m obsessed with my King Charles Cavalier Spaniel – Annie. See above. You’ll understand what I’m talking about.
  • I received my scuba diving license at the early age of 14.
  • I’ve traveled overseas 5 times, my favorites being Greece and Ireland.


What made you go into the marketing and public relations world? What do you love most about it?

I realized early on in my college career that so many companies struggled with expanding their presence and building a positive reputation in specific markets. Why not be a part of an industry that can help with this? I knew my greatest strengths were communication and writing, which led me to apply to the prestigious Advertising and Public Relations program at UCF. With three internships under my belt and now a Marketing and PR professional for well over a year, I love that each day is different – whether it be finding the best tactics to garner attendees for a huge client event or selling a unique product. I am excited at the prospect of elevating Beson4’s amazing clients.


What made you select Beson4? Your initial thoughts?

Beson4 from the get-go made me feel right at home. I knew this agency was the one for me when I was first asked about my future aspirations and how they could help me down that path. I’ve been impressed by the close-knit community feel – all of my coworkers are passionate about their work while not taking themselves too seriously.


Where can we find you on the weekends?

On the water boating, fishing or paddle boarding, traveling and exploring breweries/wineries.


Favorites –

My favorite  ______________________  is   ______.

Color                                       Mint

Social Media Channel             Instagram

Brand                                      Jack Rogers

Food                                        Sweet Potato Casserole

Exercise                                   Power Yoga